The Blissful Yogi offers a variety of classes. Below is a short description of a few of the blissful classes we offer in addition to our individualized personal classes.

Yoga 101:

This class uses more traditional poses and
sequencing at a slow pace, with a strong
focus on posture, and proper alignment of
the body. Whether a beginning student
wanting to learn the basics of yoga, or an
advanced student wanting to get back to the
roots of their practice, Yoga 101 is a
great class for all levels.

Sivananda Yoga:

In the traditional Sivananda sequence you
will discover subtle differences in the Sun
​Salutations, explore poses like plow and fish, or bridge and wheel, and maybe even experience dolphin or head stand. A great class for all levels, with modifications for those wanting to take an easier approach to some of the more advanced poses that may be practiced.

Restorative/Gentle Yoga:

This relaxing and nurturing class is perfect for students of all levels. Even if you normally have a more vigorous practice, taking time to lengthen and nurture the spine, to open the hips, neurish the muscles and joints, and gently bring more awareness into the body is essential to any regular yoga practice. Students typically leave feeling relaxed and blissful.

Detox Flow Yoga:

This class is sequenced to stoke the fire in our bodies, to stimulate the lymphatic system, and get the breath moving so we eliminate the toxins that build in our bodies. Detox Flow is open to all levels, and beginners might find that the sequence becomes intense as it builds, however there are always modifications, and, as we explore how our bodies are responding to the practice, students are always invited to rest in child’s pose or other “release” poses as needed.

Power Vin Yoga:

A flow class that elevates the heart rate and builds warmth while challenging the entire body. One-breath one-move sun salutation sequences peak and then flow into poses that will challenge and build strength in the legs, the core and then the back. This powerful class ends with a series of calmer poses meant to release, nurture and love your spine.

Curvy Yoga:

A gentle flow yoga class specifically tailored for students of all shapes and sizes who want a practice that brings confidence and body acceptance. Poses are modified for all body types and yoga props (blocks, straps and chairs) are used when needed for further support in poses. A great class to build confidence as well as overall mental and physical strength.