Private Yoga Lessons

Group classes can be intimidating or even confusing
for many people. Others may have injuries or
limitations that require attention. Private sessions
are designed to meet your needs and to help you
maximize the benefits of your practice.

Private instruction creates the environment necessary
to nurture and challenge a student according to their
individual skill level. Your instructor will assess a
number of factors to develop an individualized
yoga journey just for you. It is also a wonderful
introduction for those new to yoga. By learning
variations to poses (asanas), you’ll learn how to modify
your practice for any number of purposes
(including injury, weight, strength, etc.) in any
​setting with confidence.

All private students will be taught breathing techniques, the basics of meditation, proper body/spine alignment, yoga theory and unity of breath and movement. You will be provided with the tools to practice at home to maintain the newfound strength and balance you will achieve.

You can also use your private sessions to expand your practice – body, mind and spirit by learning more about:

•  Pranayama (different yoga breaths and purposes)

•  The 8 limbs and 5 branches of yoga

•  Guided visualization

•  Philosophy and history of yoga

•  Stress reduction/meditation techniques

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