Are your employees under stress at work from meeting deadlines and navigating day to day office politics? For employees working long hours, working high-stress demanding jobs, or that have sedentary jobs, the benefits of yoga are extraordinary. Yoga will rejuvenate and energize your employees’ bodies and minds.

Potential benefits of Yoga in a corporate environment:

•  Improvement in overall health, resulting in decreased absence and sickness

•  Improved creativity, focus, mental clarity and decision making

•  Can help reduce symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and osteoarthritis

•  Improves stamina and decreases headaches

•  Increased ability to manage stress and provides greater confidence

Corporate Yoga is being embraced throughout the United
States as business owners are getting savy by offering
Wellness programs for their employees as an employee
benefit and as a preventative health measure. This proven
stress-reliever is a low-cost perk for your employees (much
less expensive than providing gym memberships and much
more convenient). And with so many of today’s diseases
being linked to high stress levels, you are providing your
employees with vital tools to help them cope with the
demands in today’s workforce, and thereby arming them
​with the essentials to become more productive, happy

Offering Corporate Wellness Yoga enhances
employee/ company relationships.

In addition to on-site yoga classes at your
business, you can also offer mind/body
workshops that cover topics such as “breathe
​to de-stress” and “desk yoga”.

Corporate Wellness Yoga is taught in 8-week (consecutive) blocks (once or twice per week) during lunch, after-work hours, or during a designated activity hour if part of your corporate wellness incentive, at your business location - thus providing both a convenient and healthy benefit to your employees. Contact The Blissful Yogi today to add Yoga Wellness to your employee benefits.

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Corporate  Wellness Yoga