Small group classes are a divine way to
bond with others, while nurturing your
mind, body and spirit through the
practice of yoga in a safe nurturing and
personal environment.

Small group yoga is perfect for bridal parties, 
as part of an at-home spa day, a women's
retreat, as an addition to a team-building
​workshop,  and for beginners that want to 
explore the practice of yoga without the
​intimidation of going into a studio.

With a maximum of 5 students, you know you will experience a hands-on personal class without the expense of a private session. Mats, yoga props, and bottled water are provided by The Blissful Yogi in the comfort of your home or your designated location (your offices, churches and schools are great spaces if you don’t have room in your home).

Explore a 60-minute yoga session in a fun environment, feel supported and nurtured by your instructor and enjoy the added benefit of aromatherapy during the final Savasana (rest and meditation).

In addition, enjoy a 20-30 minute mingle at the end of class that includes a variety of herbal teas and light snacks and the opportunity to discuss your experience with your fellow students and the instructor.

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Small Group Classes