• Arrive 5-10 minutes before class to
    check-in, set up and get settled.
    ​Arriving early supports the peaceful 
    environment we are creating.

  • ​The entire yoga journey is important …
    from the first sun salutation, to the
    breath in Savasana, and the very last
    namaste, so please commit to staying in
    class. If you need to rest, feel free. Table
    for cow/cat, child’s pose or even simple
    seated pose are there for you when you
    need it. Spinal twists and Savasana are vital parts of your yoga practice. If you must leave early, please speak with your instructor before class and coordinate the best time to leave.

  • Please turn off cell phones. Hearing a funky “Baby Got Back” ringtone during rest or meditation can ruin the relaxing vibe for others and texting while on your mat can ruin the vibe for you. Please leave your cell phone (in an “off” or “vibrate” position) in your bag or cubbie.

  • Our shoe bottoms can be gross … please remove your shoes before entering the yoga practice space. Our shoes – our faces … never the two shall meet.

  • Practice your karma yoga and make space for others. Moving over for your fellow yogi is the kind thing to do.

  • Please throw away your chewing gum prior to class. Reason (other than the obvious smacking)? You could choke.

  • Please avoid strong scents (au naturale or cosmetic). In some yoga classes sweating is expected. Even in gentle yoga some students may get that yoga glow while working out the toxins from their bodies. So, expect a sweaty fellow yogis - and please try to wear deodorant. Just like overly-fragrant perfumes, B.O. can be equally distracting so be considerate of your yoga neighbors.

  • Yoga sprays and wipes are available for borrowed mats. Wouldn’t you want the person who used the mat before you to wipe up their sweat before you are face down in locust?

  • Expect yoga to be fun! Allow it to be. Make it an adventure. Breathe away the challenges - laugh off the shaky balances and embrace your yoga journey. Be present in your practice with a light-heart and positive outlook.

Yoga Etiquette